Why Including UX Design From The Start is Must For A Great Project

Inarguably, user experience is one of the most critical components of the relationship between businesses and their customers. From direct interactions to the way people use your website, every touchpoint counts. A good customer experience builds loyalty and trust, and nowhere is this more critical than it is with your software and apps.

For this reason, any development project you launch should have user experience (UX) as its north star. When you prioritize UX design right from the start, the success of your project is assured. Timelines are accelerated, and the result is sure to meet your needs.

Prioritizing UX Design for Best Results

Here is the mindset we apply to ensure the user experience is prioritized throughout the development process.

1. Focus on the End User. Whether your application is for customers or internal use, it’s critical to manifest the best possible experience for your end-users. A frictionless UX helps you delight existing customers and attract new ones. You want to ensure your project is successful, and a good UX ensures adoption. Functions should be easy to understand and access. UX anticipates human behavior and considers how we can leverage it to create better experiences and usability.

2. UX Writing. The interface, tools, and texts should capture the attention of users and reflect your brand voice. The more natural it seems, the more people are apt to engage, which should be the measure of a software project’s success.

3. Find Errors in Business Processes or Flows. UX designers think about your customers’ experience through the whole development lifecycle. A focus on user experience can spot issues or business aspects to consider while defining the product. For example, think of a payment app you’d like to make for your customers. What would happen if your customer logs into the app with two devices at the same time? What should the outcome be? Are there any issues that could arise from this action? What’s the best way to show an alert to the user? A UX engineer can identify these types of flaws during development and help you craft the best possible solution.

Go deeper into the Iterative Development process in the infographics!

4. Defines How the Product Is Built. When user intent is understood and prioritized from the start, it helps the development team be more productive. There are fewer errors or course corrections to be made, and problems are anticipated before becoming a business issue.

5. We Think About the Look of The Product Before Developing It. Everything enters through the eyes. We envision the result in the ideation phase as we find it results in a better product. We focus on creating a streamlined and beautiful interface that your end-users will love.

6. More Ideas Can Be Generated to Expand the Product. Our continuous testing environment drives UX innovation, resulting in a fully realized result that exceeds all expectations.

How LDX Lab Helps

At LDX Lab, our UX professionals have expertise in many industry niches. Our diverse team prioritizes the user experience from the beginning of each project, ensuring your software development initiative is a success.

We incorporate UX design from the early stages as this is part of our methodology—but the practice continues through the entire development process. We always keep the end-user in our sights.

Speak to us today about your development project and find out how we do user experience better.