Five Things To Consider Before Starting Mobile App Development

Everybody has a great app idea. These days, the market is so overcrowded with apps that you need to make sure the time, effort, and investment will be worthwhile.

Pre-Development Considerations for Mobile Apps

Developing an app is not a quick and easy task. So before you start shopping for developers, take a deep dive into your idea, study the market, be aware of your competitors, and perhaps most importantly—get to know your audience. You’ll want to make sure you’re clear on your goals and that you understand the risks and challenges, so you’re prepared for the road ahead.

Here are five things you should think about before you greenlight your app development project.

· Do you really need a mobile app? Native app development is costly. If the function can be accomplished using a web app, you can achieve the same goals without blowing the budget. Weight the pros and cons carefully, understand the costs, and decide whether the benefits overshadow the risks.

· What platforms are you targeting? Your market research should tell you whether your customers prefer iOS or Android. Perhaps your app should be available on Huawei devices as well. But you’ll need to know this before you begin to ensure you’re appealing to the right people and consider in which stores you need to publish your app. If your app is for internal company use, consider what devices your workforce uses. Do you supply them with devices, or do they use their own?

· How will your app be distributed? App stores are not always the best way to distribute your apps. For example, if you are developing an app for a closed audience (customers or employees), this cannot always be distributed by the App Stores.However, there are different ways to solve your business needs. Just keep in mind that distributing an app through any store (Apple, Google, Huawei, Amazon, etc) involves sticking to their own rules, terms, conditions and reviewing processes so they can approve your app and go live, and this can add delays to your product calendar.

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· Do you need hybrid development? If you want an app that works for both Android and iOS, it requires development in both technologies. Hybrid development can save you time and money, but you must know when and when not to do it. Hybrid development has incredible advantages such as speeding up the development and reducing your costs. However, it has its own set of challenges such as performance issues or the inability to exploit the full power of the device in complex apps like games or augmented reality. Still, these challenges can be traded off more often than not, depending on your business requirements.

· Keep devices in mind. Mobile development means thinking about how your app will look and perform on various devices, which will have design implications. Ask yourself whether you want everyone in the world to use your app, or is it just for a specific niche? Will your users use the app only in handsets or tablets should be a concern? Does your app experience should be different in bigger screens than small ones?

Choosing a Development Partner

Having a trusted development partner is essential to ensure you achieve your business goals. The best development team for you is one that will work closely with you, understand your objectives, and provide you with the advice you need to make the best decisions.

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