Top Six Reasons Why You Need A POC Before Starting Your Tech Project

Proof of concept (POC) is a way for companies to confirm and demonstrate that a proposed product is viable. The practice can be applied to just about any new product or business initiative. Still, from a technology standpoint, it is critical to maximize value and ensure you are putting your effort and resources into the right things.

Why You Need A POC Before You Start Working On Your App

In the interest of validating the POC itself, let’s drill down on the top reasons why you need a POC before you start your software development or app project.

1. Focus Your Goals

A POC is an easy, fast, and inexpensive way to understand any technical problems you might face in the development process. It helps you build a better business case for the app, define your goals more specifically, and solve any issues before you invest any significant resources into the project.

2. Cost-Effective

Lots of adjustments can be made when the project is in the POC phase, as this is when all the business use cases, goals, and targets are being defined. Pivoting any idea or changing the product during a POC is much more cost-effective than investing in the product, only to realize later that it should be redesigned.

3. POC Helps You Define Your Choice of Technologies

Today, there are so many technologies to choose from. Some might be preferable to others depending on the use case and other factors, including the intended audience, demographics, geography, language, end-user devices, regional compliance laws, and whether the app will interact with third-party services.

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4. You’ll Know Whether The Product Will Work Or Not

If the product is bound to fail, it is better to know up-front so you can learn, improve, or pivot the idea before you’re knee-deep in development. A POC helps you avoid unnecessary expenses in a project that might not pan out.

5. Justify Investment

A POC shows potential investors the value of your idea so they can help you build the product. Building software and mobile apps is expensive, and a POC allows you to showcase your idea to them so they can feel confident to fund your project. This also holds true if you are investing your own money—you certainly don’t want to throw money away unnecessarily, and a POC helps you avoid that.

6. Visualize Success

A POC enables visualization of product features and end-users and shows what kind of an impact your product could have in the market. A focused vision increases your chances of success and minimizes the risks involved with an untested product.

How LDX Lab Helps

At LDX Lab, we fully support POC and prototyping for your product idea. By understanding the implications of the project before the development process begins, we ensure that your ideas will achieve fruition.

A successful POC is always part of our process. By integrating the findings expressed in the POC, we adapt and improve the product as we go. It’s a way to minimize costs, improve quality, and ensure that the result is exactly what you envision.

Speak to our team of experts about your project, and let’s talk about how we can make your vision a reality.