What’s It Like to Work with LDX Lab?

At LDX, we are always excited to solve your digital needs. We’ve put together this guide so you can get to know our process and find out what it’s like to work with us.


1. Step One: Initial Planning

We begin with an exploratory call so you can meet us and we can get to know you. We like to understand who will be using the product and your specific business goals and needs. After the meeting, we will come together to discuss possible solutions, which we will present to you in our next meeting.

Once we are set with the project, we’ll conduct several small creative sessions to gather all business and user requirements with our engineering and design team. This approach ensures we don’t miss any detail!

Once it’s all “on paper,” we can start the design phase with our UI/UX designers. During this time, we define the visual specs to match user expectations before moving it on to our engineering team to build the product.


2. Getting Down to Work: Development & Agile

We work with agile methodologies, and our team follows Scrum, which delivers excellent results, both in product development and communication. During this time, our clients are part of the team. All stakeholders are invited to be involved in critical meetings to ensure the product is being developed as expected. No matter where the client is in the world, they can even check the backlog if desired! It’s a fully transparent process designed for your peace of mind.


3. Quality Assurance & Automation

We perform different tests and validations to ensure that the software works smoothly and as expected for the end-users. We do this by creating different custom scenarios and edge cases for the app. Testing, deployment, and integration are not roadblocks to us. Dedicated QA engineers and DevOps work closely with us in an automated environment, which helps us focus on what’s important: building your product.

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4. Demos & Deliveries

Every week, we continue to improve your product by delivering incremental features. From the start, we define the scope of all incremental deliveries—if this suits the client—or we deliver a complete product at the end of the scope if desired, whatever works for you. However, we know how vital demos are because you need to know that your project is moving in the right direction. So, we create demos along the way to showcase our progress, which can then be presented to investors and stakeholders on your end, as needed.


5. Your Product, Your Code

You own your product and your code outright, as well as the intellectual property of the product. As such, we secure and host it on industry-level platforms such as GitHub, Bitbucket, or Microsoft Azure Repos.


Team Happiness

Ultimately, we view our team as people and not just work machines. To strengthen our culture, we do many team-building and off-site activities and often invite clients to join us! These events help our team know and trust each other and be motivated to work together to overcome all challenges.

We believe that happiness and motivation is the key to success, both for our clients and ourselves. We love our work, and that’s what drives us to be entirely devoted to our clients’ projects. Passion and creativity are what make LDXLab different. Working together, we all benefit from better experiences during the entire process.

Let’s start this adventure together now! Set up a call today, and let’s see what we can create.