How a Diverse Team of Developers Can Help Accelerate Growth

Growing your business is an exciting undertaking. But the way we go about it is just as important as the act of doing it, and diversity is a significant component. Today’s most successful companies prioritize diversity, and some of the benefits might surprise you.

According to current research, socially diverse groups are more innovative and productive than teams that are not. Within high-performing groups, we see a mix of ages, genders, races, ethnicity, and different levels of expertise, industry focus, and foreign work experience.

When these elements come together to focus on a common goal, we begin to see the true value of diversity, resulting in better products and services.

Building a Diverse Team

If you have a software project or idea but don’t have the in-house talent to bring it to fruition, staff augmentation is a smart strategy. Outstaffing, as it’s sometimes called, allows you to bring in specialized talent to flesh out your team without the time, investment, and complexities involved with hiring full-time employees.

Our staffing your development project can also help you access the benefits of diversity, giving your initiative a significant advantage. So today, we’re going to talk about the benefits of hiring a diverse team and how it can take your software development project to new heights.

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The Benefits of Hiring a Diverse Team

Here are just a few of the things you can expect when you outstaff to a diverse team: 

   New programming languages. Your in-house team might be well-versed in specific programming languages, but an outstaffed team gives you access to many more. Based on your business goals and the end user’s needs, your solution might benefit from a different programming approach.

   Diverse points of view. Innovation does not occur in a vacuum. Inviting different voices and opposing points of view to the table always makes it better. The more input you have, the more functional the result will be. Diverse teams bring together different ways to approach problems, ensuring you can resolve issues faster. 

   Additional expertiseStaff augmentation adds critical expertise and experience to your team, filling skills gaps and leading to a better, more stable, and secure product.

   Innovation. Diverse teams bring fresh ideas and approaches to the table. Their cultural worldview is different, and they might bring concerns to light that you wouldn’t normally consider.

   Increase business value. Business growth and performance are proven to correlate to diversity, while lack of diversity tends to increase costs. Diversity also increases productivity, which supports accelerated time-to-value.

   Boost reputation. Top global companies prioritize diverse hiring practices as it positions them as leaders and innovators. Public opinion can’t be discounted either. Customers today spend a lot of time researching the companies they buy from, and diversity is a strong selling point—while a lack of diversity often leads to public outcry and loss of reputation.

In conclusion, we know that hiring for diversity is beneficial for many reasons. If you need to augment your development team, emphasize diversity, and you’ll always win.

Outsourcing to LDX Labs not only helps you achieve your diversity goals but it’s also a way to ensure high-performance results for all your software development needs. Reach out today; we’d love to hear about your project and show you how we can help.